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Beignet is nursing a sprained ankle, so it’s up to me, Nicole, to put a new post on this here blog! Whew! I’m so excited! I hope the spell-checker-thingy works okay! This typing is harder than I thought it would be!


Since Beignet is always talking about himself, I thought it would be better if I reached out to one of my favorite authors, Bruce Holland Rogers, to ask a vital question that all of us dogs really want to know:

Why do humans dig?

We dogs all know why WE dig, but humans are a confusing species and I think it’s time we canines got some answers!

Here’s Bruce’s reply:

Hi, Nicole.

Humans dig for some of the same reasons that dogs do. We dig to bury things, although unlike dogs we often don’t intend to dig up what we bury. When we bury garbage, for example, we usually intend for that garbage to stay buried forever. We don’t dig it up to eat it. I’m sure this seems strange.

On beaches, we often dig for the pleasure of digging, just like dogs.

Sometimes, humans who are confined will dig to get out, just like dogs.

But the most common reason for digging among humans is to connect things to the ground really well. We dig to make a foundation for a house or to make a fence post that dogs won’t be able to knock down.

Because humans hardly ever dig to retrieve something smelly or tasty, dogs will almost always find nothing interesting about holes excavated by humans. Of course, it never hurts to have a sniff. Sometimes humans have been known to dig up something smelly or tasty entirely by accident.

— Bruce

And there you have it! Tune in again for my next “Ask the Human” post! If you have a question for the Humans, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to my list of Things to Know!!!


It was a dark and stormy night…

…way too windy and cold for the kids to run on the beach.

“How about a game of tug-of-war?” Nicole asks Beignet.

“But of course!”


“I don’t know what happened. One minute we were having fun and the next the tug toy just exploded!”

100_0288“Don’t look at me – you know I’m too dignified to wreak such havoc on an innocent toy…”


Let the New Year Begin!

Greetings, mes amis! It is I, Beignet, with the first blog post of 2015.

We rang in the New Year here in Yachats, Oregon by wearing fabulous hats –

What a handsome dog, no?

What a handsome dog, no?

And dancing the night away –

We boogie all night!

We boogie all night!

The lights twinkled, the Evian flowed and we finally fell into bed at dawn, visions of all the things we want to see and smell in 2015 swimming in our heads.

Nicole is feeling a bit peevish today –

Tired doggy

Tired doggy

Methinks she overindulged in all the excitement of a New Year – it’s only her second after all. She wouldn’t listen to older, wiser me, and so she has a bit of a headache today.

I DID NOT dance around with a lampshade on my head!

I DID NOT dance around with a lampshade on my head!

And now we watch while Roxy takes down my birthday ornaments and bakes up another batch of Good Bones. Ah, what a wonderful start to the New Year!

Quit telling stories about me, Beignet!

Quit telling stories about me, Beignet!


Another Year Wiser!

It is I, Beignet, official spokes-dog for Isabella Dog Biscuits, once again on the interwebs to celebrate the joys of my Birthday!

Yes, mis amis, today I am four years old and what a ride it’s been!

My duties in the Test Kitchen have been quite arduous this past year as The Mad Cook develops new recipes. I had to trot out a new trick to entice her to bake faster –

20140616_131822I’m very happy to report that it worked and she turned out not one, but TWO new flavors: Apple Snack and Good Bones! I am such a good motivator!

Once again Yachats has decked itself out in twinkling lights and happy faces for my Birthday Month and we have been having a grand time.

Wishing you and yours all the joy of this magical time of year!

Birth of the Apple Snack

In the beginning, there were two dogs eagerly looking through the screen door of the test kitchen at Isabella Dog Biscuits’ headquarters.
Nicole sat down and sniffed the breeze coming in through the screen.
“Summer is almost over, Beignet! There’s a new smell in the air and I don’t know what it is…”
“Apples, ” Beignet said, his tone eager and knowing. “I can smell cinnamon, too!”
20140608_185255-1Their pet human was walking toward the screen door and smiling, a bowl of the luscious fruits in her hands. Just as she opened the door the bowl tipped, spilling several apples onto the floor.

Nicole’s head spun! Surely they would taste as good as they smelled!

Beignet laughed his snaggle-toothed smile to see Nicole trying to trap an apple so she could take a bite.
“This is how you do it, Nicole,” he said, demonstrating his apple eating skills.
 dog with apple head APPLE snack  promo
Out of nowhere, Sabu popped her head up with an apple balanced on her nose.
“That dog can’t resist a treat! Always doing some silly trick for the humans…” Beignet picked up his apple and reclined on the biggest bed for some quiet contemplation.
“Reminds me of Paris” said Nicole.
“C’est la vie!” said Beignet.
And that is how Apple Snack was inspired!
Order your Apple Snack biscuits on our website or stop by VegFest in Portland, Oregon this weekend – you can find us in Exhibit hall A at the Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. from 10-6 both days.  Lots of free samples, fun people and food. You’ll say “I can’t believe this is vegan!” (Dogs say it too 🙂 )

My Birthday!

Today I, Beignet, am three years old! To celebrate, Roxy took me to the doggie spa where they cut off all of my beautiful curls 😦 The weather here has been quite frosty and so I am forced to wear a Winter coat to go outside lest I suffer from frostbite. Of course, I look quite stylish in my specialty apparel:


Nicole is green with envy!

As they do every year, the people of Yachats, Oregon decorate the whole town and hold special events to celebrate my natal day. The Hecta Head Lighthouse hosts a month-long Victorian celebration, although I don’t know who Victoria is…

1195426252.71232Aren’t the lights beautiful?

The whole town is ablaze with twinkling lights, the shops filled with brightly wrapped packages and a tree in every window. People are happy and smiling and some guy dressed in red seems to be everywhere. It’s enough to fill a dog’s heart with joy. Who knew I was so loved?

The Makeover



It has been awhile, mes amis, since I have seen my seul véritable amour, Kate, the Duchess of Yachats. Her face haunts my dreams and we have been apart too long.


My dear Kate charms all who see her

At last the day of our meeting drew close and I took myself off to be made beautiful. First, the dentist:

20130924_180812My pearly whites can be no whiter! My kisses will be like mint upon Kate’s loving face!

My hair was trimmed to velvet perfection, and I shaved off my goatee – Kate likes her men clean-shaven –


So bright even the camera is amazed 🙂

And at last we are reunited! I am un chien heureux! Here are my girls in the car as we travel to our next adventure:


Kate and Nicole